A few years ago I saw the Myramar del sol’s first steps. During that period, it was a great mess of cranes, excavators and workers everywhere just by the Lighthouse Calaburras in Mijas Costa. With the calm of the sea as a silent witness, stood a hive of activity on a face that was emerging then as friendly but firm with the trait from their parents. Then they went up the four buildings defying the sea and the mountains, the gardens were planted with bamboo, dusters and ivy and the winding (and huge!) Pool was being filed, while the carpenters were hammering on their last gazebos marking the emblematic of the creek corner ... And as hectic finally it happened: the child grew older.

Myramar del Sol is now a young urbanization but with confidence and strength that have those who have sailed alone. She knows about families enjoying their games and their silences, older people, who has left excellent conditions of life in their countries and cultures just lo have the tremendous pleasure of enjoying there their retirement ... She knows about life and tastes of life. Why? Well, possibly because it has everything. If you look for wonderful terraced house where staying the dead hours, or if you need a place where kids grow up with the freedom to play and run like when we were young, or simply a new couple wants a space to be lost from the noise, no doubt, they will find it.

And you will also find the beach at 200 meters, and will be quiet because there’s a monitored 24 hours a day surveillance system, and be comfortable at home with impeccable finish and guaranteed after sales service. You’ll park comfortably in the double square that each house holds, and create a habitat measured by home automatic system, air conditioning, whirlpool, and ... and knowing this: wouldn’t you like to discover the rest by yourself?

Avda. Andalucia, 21. Edif. Jardines Picasso Planta de Oficinas. 902 100 846 - infomyramardelsol@myramar.com